Oppressive Structures - Roma Agrawal

Roma Agrawal - structural engineer, diversity campaigner, and author of "Built: The Hidden Stories Behind Our Structures," discusses how structures can be oppressive (and inclusive!), the gender gap in STEM professions, and facing discrimination in the workplace.

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Roma Agrawal MBE FICE is a structural engineer, diversity campaigner, and author. She has worked on several engineering projects - bridges, skyscrapers, sculptures - over a fourteen year career.  Roma spent six years working on The Shard, the tallest building in Western Europe, where she designed the foundations and the ‘Spire’.

Roma is actively involved in public engagement and campaigning to encourage young people, especially under-represented groups, such as women, to pursue STEM professions. She has advised policymakers and governments on science education, and appeared on BBC World NewsBBC Daily PoliticsTEDxThe Evening Standard, The Sunday Times, Guardian, The Telegraph, Independent, Cosmopolitan and Stylist Magazines, documentaries and in online blogs. Over the last 3 years, Roma has spoken to over 3000 people at over 50 schools, universities and organisations across the country and abroad.

In this episode of The Good Leader podcast, Roma discussed how our structures can be oppressive (and inclusive!), the gender gap in structural engineering and other STEM professions, facing discrimination in the workplace, and the incredible story of her idol who built the Brooklyn Bridge. 

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