My Experience: Ethical Leadership Masterclass with Daniel Effron

My wonderful experience in the Ethical Leadership Masterclass with Daniel Effron by the London Business School this weekend.
My Experience: Ethical Leadership Masterclass with Daniel Effron

I had the pleasure of attending the Ethical Leadership Masterclass with Daniel Effron this weekend and had the most engaging discussion and thought provoking insights than I had in a while. While this was a masterclass, it felt more like an ongoing conversation and discussion as Daniel Effron's style of teaching allowed us to converse and share our own points of view on many topics such as why people act unethically. I loved being able to talk about a psychological study and have the other people in the class engage with me on similar topics while being guided by Daniel and his presentation. 

There were many different aspects of ethical leadership that were discussed in the session, but my favourite part of the class was the experiment he talked about with the dice. Being able to participate in the experiment and getting to see what everyone else chose and their reasonings behind it was really interesting. Afterwards, we were able to look at the actual results of the study and compare it to our own class results. 

The discussions in the class were what made it special. It was an insightful yet fun space in which everyone was given the chance to share their thoughts on the various topics and come to conclusions together. Daniel's guiding questions and presentation really set the tone for the rest of the session and elevated the class to a different level. It definitely caused it to feel more like a conversation and conference rather than a lecture, and yet I still learnt so much such as why it is important to focus on the smaller moral dilemmas of everyday life. 

I would highly recommend everyone to attend the final two sessions of the masterclass today! It is a wonderful opportunity and an amazing experience.