My experience at Smart Works

My experience at Smart Works

Working at Smart Works undoubtedly stands as the most profoundly fulfilling chapter of my life thus far. As one steps into the expanse of the Smart Works South London office, radiant Lashana warmly greets you. Proceeding forward, Marija and Steph extend their jovial welcome and their inquiry about your previous evening sets the tone for a day of genuine camaraderie. From the beginning of the day, sipping morning coffee while discussing plans with Steph, to cribbing about the temperamental wifi or sharing anecdotes about how unsafe Croydon streets are, every interaction with my colleagues at Smart Works became the highlight of my day. Stepping into the office felt like an ethereal journey into a vibrant rainbow, an experience that was enchanting.

Immersing myself in the Smart Works community meant being surrounded by a coterie of enthusiastic, inspirational, and kind-hearted women. Their collective presence transformed me, moulding me into a better, kinder soul. It was in their company that I discovered the true essence of fulfilment.

My role at Smart Works was multifaceted, allowing me to delve myself into various departments. My first week involved acquainting myself with the workings of the Service Delivery team, an integral part of Smart Works renowned for empowering unemployed women through interview preparation, clothing, and coaching. During my inaugural week, I had the privilege of shadowing volunteers as they guided women through the transformative dressing process. The subsequent two weeks became a voyage of discovery as I learnt the intricate functions of various departments: Global Operations, Wardrobe, Partnerships and Fundraising, Design, and Outreach, among others. Engaging in one-on-one conversations with individuals from each department provided me with invaluable insights into their roles within Smart Works.

As the days unfolded, I seized every opportunity, venturing forth to attend a myriad of job fairs. With each event, I made numerous connections, embracing individuals from diverse strata of our community. My journey also led me to the North and West London offices of Smart Works, where I immersed myself in different teams, such as Events and Finance. Here, I lent my expertise to conduct qualitative and quantitative analyses of data, contributing to the organization's broader mission. Among my fondest memories at Smart Works was the day I lent my efforts to managing the Smart Works pop-up store in the heart of Covent Garden. Concurrently, I undertook an outreach project, diligently establishing contact with addiction agencies and other non-governmental organisations in South London. The culminating week of my tenure at Smart Works unfolded with exhilarating opportunities. I introduced St. Christopher's Inn, a distinguished NGO, to my  manager, Steph. This encounter gave rise to a meaningful exchange, forging a connection between St. Christopher's Inn, managed by Gill Malcom and Smart Works. Together, we embarked on a tour of the South London office, sharing visions of empowerment and community support. 

Through my dedicated research efforts, I have had the privilege of facilitating transformative connections for the South London office of Smart Works. These connections extend to a network of charitable organisations and community leaders, ushering in a new era of collaboration and unity among those who share a passion for empowering women.

This synergy now paves the way for Smart Works to extend its caring hand even further, reaching out to a greater number of women in their recently launched South London office. By fostering these invaluable relationships, we have illuminated a path towards touching the lives of those who may have previously gone unnoticed, offering them a renewed sense of hope and self-assurance.

Moreover, my commitment to optimising Smart Works' operations extends to the meticulous organisation of volunteering data and the fine-tuning of the "Smart Works in a Box" system. This precision and efficiency promises to enhance the daily endeavors of the remarkable individuals who work tirelessly to make a difference.

This orchestration of improvements not only streamlines the inner workings of Smart Works but also orchestrates the creation of additional opportunities, more slots, and a brighter future for countless women.

It was also in the intimate moments of personal connection that the true essence of Smart Works revealed itself. One such moment transpired when I assumed the role of dressing two clients. In these moments, I embarked on a profound journey of empathy and empowerment. I delved into their stories, their aspirations, and their struggles.One of these remarkable women, at the end of her coaching and clothing experience, found herself overwhelmed with emotion. Her tears mirrored the transformation she had undergone. She bore witness to the kindness that flowed within Smart Works, a place where women uplifted women, where compassion was a guiding light, and where the path to confidence and compassion unfolded before her eyes. The other client stood before the mirror, bedecked in attire from esteemed brands, her reflection a testament to her inner strength and beauty. In that moment, she witnessed an unveiling of a newfound radiance that emanated from within. It was a moment that resonated with the essence of Smart Works: the art of transformation, the power of empowerment, and the beauty of self-discovery. As their tears of joy mingled with my own, I knew, without a doubt, that I had found my place, and I was engaged in the most profound of callings. Smart Works had not only touched their lives but had indelibly etched its mark upon my heart.

Smart Works served as an unparalleled teacher, imparting invaluable lessons in the art of effective communication with clients, refining my corporate fashion sensibilities, enhancing my proficiency with Microsoft tools, and even demystifying the weirdly complex coffee machine. It fostered my growth as a leader, honed my communication prowess, and polished my research skills. More importantly, it instilled in me a profound sense of empathy. Engaging with clients who hailed from diverse backgrounds - some grappling with grief, ex-prisoners, and some escaping the clutches of domestic violence - taught me the art of genuine human connection and the significance of being a compassionate listener. When asked about the most challenging aspect of my time at Smart Works, my response was unequivocal: bidding farewell to this extraordinary community.

My heart brims with gratitude towards Laidlaw for bestowing upon me this extraordinary opportunity and introducing me to the remarkable world of Smart Works. I eagerly anticipate the day when I can return, as a volunteer, to contribute once more to this inspirational organisation.

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