LiA Weekly Reflection 5 (12-18 July 2022)

What went well?

The progress I made; what was achieved and done

Settled at the office and worked on the project report

I think I have kept up the working progress here as I have concluded both my project report and the Laidlaw Report Form for HKU, now I will continue to work on Part C of the Project

What could have been done differently?

Things that did not get done and/or could be changed

Probably it would be better if I get less distracted and read more of the literature on WASH

What did I learn about myself when working with others?

Contributions, behaviours and values I exhibited

Ask questions if you don’t know. I am entirely new to the area of WASH, and it is always better to interview somebody who has the experience and knowledge

What did I learn about leadership?

Leadership attributes and insights I developed

I guess it would be time management and asking the right person for the right thing

What do I want to develop or focus on next?

What I still need to develop

On Wednesday, I will head to Casamance and work on child protection, another field that is novel to me as well. My French and Wolof are still limited to basic meet-and-greet only, so hopefully I could develop my language skills further