LiA Weekly Reflection 3 (11 July 2022)

What went well?

The progress I made; what was achieved and done

Good progress on the team project, wrapping up research and content and preparing a draft for the final presentation.

What could have been done differently?

Things that did not get done and/or could be changed

Several people were unavailable for team sessions and thus some important discussions were perhaps less effective than they could have been.

What did I learn about myself when working with others?

Contributions, behaviours and values I exhibited

Delegation is very important to maximising efficiency and making the most of any situation.

What did I learn about leadership?

Leadership attributes and insights I developed

Motivation comes from finding meaningful work that people are mentally satisfied with.

What do I want to develop or focus on next?

What I still need to develop

Consistent communication that is clear for all parties involved, making sure nothing is left until the last minute.