LIA Week 6 Blog - I'm not crying, its just 31 degrees in England

The final blog post on my time at Two Good, Sydney (AUS).
LIA Week 6 Blog - I'm not crying, its just 31 degrees in England

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I delayed writing this final post until I felt like I had processed the last two months or so but I was thinking about something that Su at Two Good said to me in my last week and decided I couldn't put it off any longer. She said that I would probably look back on this summer in 20 years and think that it was such a pivotal moment in my life, and I think she is right. A part of me doesn't want to finish the final project report or reflective piece because it's acceptance that this time period of my life is over. I am so grateful for the opportunity to grow professionally and as a leader through this experience but mostly I am so glad of the time and space to think. To think about myself and what I've come through to get to this point, to think about all the people I have met and people I have lost, and to think about what it is I want to look back and remember in 20 years, wherever and whoever I am then. 

I have written about my mum a lot in these posts, and that also extends to all the incredible women in my life and beyond. But this week, while trying to adjust to being back in a very uncharacteristically hot UK, I have been spending time with some of those closest to me and have had a couple of reminders of why it is so important to reflect and keep these memories I am making close to the front of my mind. My mum celebrated her birthday just as I was travelling back home, and when asked about it, she excitedly told me all about the card that her best friend had chosen for her. It features two young women, a fair haired girl in a green dress pushing a shopping trolley carrying a dark haired girl. Inside, she had written "Who thought we had ever made it on the front of a card!". While I won't go into the exact story behind it (apologies!), love and laughter is always the highlight of any time I get to spend with my mum and godmother sitting in coffee shops eating brunch, or sharing a bottle of wine in whatever city they are visiting me in. This birthday card is a little physical reminder of that lifelong friendship, formed in their formative years on the streets of Stratford-Upon-Avon. I hope one day I can look back on the memories I have created this summer in the same way. 

Another core memory is the Good Fest town hall I attended in my last few days of my time at Two Good. Inspiring progress and exciting future plans felt like a great way to end my 6 weeks in Sydney. I also had the opportunity to speak on my experience. At that point my final report hadn't come to any conclusion so I spoke on the atmosphere and gave thanks for the love and help I had been given. I felt welcomed, included and supported from day one, which I think sums up what they set out to do with all aspects of the business. I also admitted to doing something a little 'crazy' - thanks again Alex for that description! Having a fair few tattoos already with varying levels of meaning, I wanted to immortalise my Two Good experience in a permanent reminder. The numbers '255' are now forever in my eye line on the back of my wrist. Quite literally being the street address of the Two Good building, it seemed like a great idea, but then I (in a rare moment of responsibility) thought to google the digits in case they were some sort of cult symbol. Luckily, I found a more beautiful unintentional meaning. 

"For self-belief, bringing with it an abundance of good things, good news and good opportunities"

I hope that when I feel like I am not good, smart or strong enough to weather whatever is going to be thrown my way next, I can look at the '255' and feel empowered by all I have learnt in this short time. I hope I can be reminded that we are all together in our funny little lives and I am never alone. I also hope I can get some more tattoos soon but that's not very insightful!

The final Two Good lunch witb Wah and Jacquie

The next couple weeks will be a lot of writing, editing and trying not to spend all my money on iced lattes in Costa Coffee but I am excited to wrap up both my Laidlaw and placement experiences and move on with getting my degree finished. A major takeaway from it all has been that my options are way more varied than I ever thought. Ideas about going straight back into another two years studying to get onto yet another post graduate course to work in a lab environment forever have been firmly parked for now. Much to my mum's disappointment (note: she would want me to clarify she does actually want me to do and go wherever or whatever I want) I want to go back to the other side of the world and see what's out there for me. I owe it to the sheer bravery I witnessed in so many ways at Two Good to put it into practise and not box myself off because other people or even I myself said that's what I should do. It is never too late to show up for yourself, your family or your future. I am in my selfish era and I am not sorry about it. 

So this is it I guess. Good bye (for now) to Two Good and Australia. I actually dare you to stop me coming back! Thanks to all of you incredible people and I wish you all happiness and success in the next few years, all the hard work is paying off and I am so unbelievably proud to have been touched by the Two Good magic for a little while. I will be wearing my Two Good hoodie (once the weather remembers what country we live in) knowing that all the women who have come before me and those that will go on fighting after me are walking beside me every step through this crazy beautiful life of mine. 

P.S. If anyone knows of any part time jobs going please let me know, I spent all my money on fridge magnet souvenirs for my mums birthday, TIA x

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