🚀 LiA makesense 2023: Virtual Orientation

🚀 LiA makesense 2023: Virtual Orientation

Hi Laidlaw Scholars!

Thank you for joining our Virtual Orientation on Friday!

We reviewed important topics such as Accommodation and Working Space, as well as relevant documents such as your Welcome Guide and Gender Guide for your trip to Mexico and Colombia. 

 🎥Find here the recording of the session
Find here the slides of the session 

For those traveling to Mexico: 🇲🇽 Welcome Guide and Gender Guide

For those traveling to Colombia: 🇨🇴 Welcome Guide and Gender Guide 

🚨Friendly reminder: Please make sure to upload your Flight and Insurance details in this Drive Folder before May 30th. 

PS. for those asking for sim cards to have internet access in Mexico, please find here one recommendation to buy a digital sim card https://www.simoptions.com/esim-mexico/

See you in our next virtual session! 

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