Leadership-in-Action: My Journey with Fat Macy's

Leadership-in-Action: My Journey with Fat Macy's

The LiA Project: Objectives and Outcomes

To give an overview of the charity, Fat Macy’s is a London based social enterprise where trainees who are in temporary accommodation volunteer their time on a 200-hour programme, gaining skills, experience and confidence. By volunteering, trainees don’t have their benefits cut and Fat Macy’s uses profits to create a housing deposit scheme for each trainee to save securely for their futures and move into private renting.

My role within the LiA project was as a partnership and funding intern and I was tasked with writing a research report focussed on identifying the local priorities of local boroughs and councils within London and identify ways in which the charity could align programmes and initiatives to said priorities to increase the probability of attaining successful grant funding. This was an important project because the charity needed external funding to remain solvent and sustainable.


Leadership Insights

Through my LiA project, I gained invaluable leadership insights. I discovered that leadership extends beyond traditional roles of authority; it's about empowering others, fostering teamwork, and leading by example. Effective leadership demands active listening and adaptability, especially when working in complex, ever-changing environments. These notions and concepts were especially fostered through specific team training days I undertook within my LiA experience where we looked at understanding peoples different characteristics using surveys and identifying their preferred working styles.


Impact and Sustainability

In terms of impact of my report and sustainability, I used publicly available resources from mayoral goals and priorities for each specific London council and on average these parties remain in power till 2025 so the project has a positive impact on grant applications till this date. Further to this in the scenario when we get recurring funding from a successful bid that lasts several years my LiA project has extended impact on indirectly helping the charities sustainability.


Challenges and Personal Growth

Working in a new and challenging environment presented several hurdles. Adapting to the non-profit sector and navigating the complexities of homelessness issues required time and patience. Effective communication with diverse stakeholders demanded flexibility and sensitivity.

However, these challenges became opportunities for growth. They pushed me out of my comfort zone, enabling me to develop critical skills in problem-solving, cross-cultural communication, and resilience. I learned that especially found myself developing these qualities in specific experiences outside my intern role for example when I aided in outreach sessions to homeless accommodation like women’s hostels and YMCAs.


Outcomes and Lessons Learned

My LiA project at Fat Macy's taught me the profound impact of community-driven initiatives. I learned that leadership is not about dictating but inspiring, not about being in control but empowering others. It's about understanding diverse perspectives, adapting to change, and fostering resilience.

In conclusion, my Leadership-in-Action experience with Fat Macy's has been a remarkable journey of personal and professional growth. It reaffirmed my commitment to making a positive impact in the community and provided me with invaluable insights into leadership and the power of collective action. This experience has left an indelible mark on my life, and I'm excited to continue contributing to the greater good in the future.

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