Leadership-in-Action, Independent Project for Future Cohorts

I am doing an independent project for my LiA - an internship at Reclaim Childhood in Jordan. The application cycle for summer 2023 has ended, but for future cohorts scrolling through... PLEASE APPLY!
Leadership-in-Action, Independent Project for Future Cohorts

Hi everyone!

This summer, I am doing my Leadership-in-Action project in Amman, Jordan. I will spend eight weeks interning at a day camp that serves girls ages 6-18 who live in nearby refugee communities.  It is run by an organization called Reclaim Childhood, which also provides after-school programs during the academic year.

Because I love sports and Arabic, and am passionate about women's empowerment, this internship immediately appealed to me. However, I am adamant about serving where my experiences and skills are needed or requested. Thus, RC's locally-based directors and coaches, combined with their explicit call for interns from the international community, were what ultimately won me over. 

That said, for future cohorts looking into LIA projects, please check out Reclaim Childhood: https://www.reclaimchildhood.org/

In the name of networking, some other programs that I considered before choosing Reclaim Childhood are listed below (most are still accepting applications if your original plans have fallen through):




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