Laidlaw LiA week 6 reflection

What went well?

The progress I made; what was achieved and done

In this week, we presented to our honourable partner - PSA, about our work. We are glad that they are happy with our progress and the final outcome. Our presentation was in a PPT format, including 4 parts (i) introduction of methods, (ii) introduction of posters: functions, visions and missions, (iiI) introduction of the 12 concerned topics and (iv) expected outcomes and conclusions.

What could have been done differently?

Things that did not get done and/or could be changed

I think that we can spend more time dealing with the final presentation, maybe next time we can insert some videos and graphics to make the presentation more interesting. Moreover, we hope that our presentation includes interactions with the audience, this is able to make it more engaging and understandable by the audience.

What did I learn about myself when working with others?

Contributions, behaviours and values I exhibited

I understand that I am willing to take up responsibilities and expectations from my group mates, I also learn that I am appreciative and glad towards the final product that we have all contributed our great efforts to.

What did I learn about leadership?

Leadership attributes and insights I developed

Leadership is very hard, not only in my group but also in the PSA and the Think Pacific. Naomi presented a great example of leadership throughout this workshop and I am very glad that whenever we have problems we can reach out to her. A leader also needs to be considerate and understanding, she always understand our difficulties and give kind patience until we are on the right path. It is very happy for us to work with her, members from the TP, the PSA and also inside our group.

What do I want to develop or focus on next?

What I still need to develop

Dig into the mental illnesses that we have covered throughout the presentation.