Joint Research & Leadership-in-Action Projects

A showcase of 2-year projects offered by Laidlaw Foundation partners for scholars starting in 2022.
Joint Research & Leadership-in-Action Projects

Below is a list of 2-year projects currently offered by the Laidlaw Foundation partners for Scholars starting in 2022.

These projects consist of both research and leadership components, with the Scholar conducting an organisation-specific research project in their first summer, and implementing their findings with the same organisation in the second summer. 

Please contact the organisation first, using the contact details below, to discuss how you might fit into the project. Once you have their support complete an application with your home institution.

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Timothy Smith Network

In the first summer, Scholars will produce a gap analysis of the STEAM education ecosystem and suggest programming addressing these needs. In the second summer, Scholars will join a team of local instructors to implement one or more programs for students from underrepresented communities to close these gaps in the Greater Boston area. Professional development will be provided where needed.

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Tortoise Media

Scholars will have the opportunity to work with our journalists and researchers on a topic to be determined closer to the time. Responsibilities may include running ThinkIns, reporting, and writing.

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