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Initial research proposal: 'The development of drug delivery systems to treat pulmonary disease states associated with excess mucus'

Hello Laidlaw Network! Just found out that I will be joining this amazing journey with Laidlaw Foundation. Couldn't be more excited! :)

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As Lord Laidlaw, our Chairman, and Susanna Kempe, our CEO, met with scholars and alumni from around the world, many requested a way to meet ambitious peers, participate in leadership-in-action initiatives and collaborate on research projects for a better present. We welcome you to the Laidlaw Scholars Network, a social utility tool that allows you to do just this! Be the new generation of passionate, adaptive, ethical leaders.

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Hi Lucija,

Wow! What an amazing project. I always find it so interesting to hear of research which can so clearly have an impact on people's lived experiences - this is definitely one of them. I'm looking forward to learning more about the results once you've completed your research!