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"Understanding the brain and how it brings about behaviour is crucial to our understanding of how to fix the damaged brain, or at least help patients cope with deficits this presents." Help us by taking part in this interactive online visual search experiment!

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👋 Oh hey there! Have you ever wondered how we search and find objects in visual space? We are seeking participants to investigate this in a visual search game: 👀 'Where's the letter?'. In this interactive task, you'll be asked to look for an object of interest among distracting things that you do not want. 🔎 The aim of the game is to find the "odd letter out" by using either your mouse or trackpad to click on it. At the end of the game, we are asking a few questions about the users and their experience. The whole thing should take you around 29 minutes. Thanks so much! 🙏🏻

💻 Chrome or Firefox, and a stable Wi-Fi connection, are needed to participate, and you would not be able to participate from any other device than a PC or laptop. To take part, just click here. Have fun!

Giammarco Di Gregorio (he/him)

Student, Durham University

I think that happiness is about being committed to something that helps and supports others, and this is why I am so fascinated by research and leadership. They give us the opportunity and responsibility to support and protect our people, especially the most vulnerable. I began my journey in children's homes back in Rome, in Italy. Since then I have been volunteering with children and young people trying to facilitate resilience and recovery from early adversities as my main focus point. My Laidlaw Scholarship research project is all about the effect of alternative care on academic motivation, and along the way I founded two volunteering organisations: Learn With Us Summer Camp, and Towards My Future. If you have any questions about my projects, if you think that your endeavours and mine somehow overlap, or if you just want to chat, please drop me a message! :)


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2 months ago

Completed! It was a fun experiment with a meaningful objective. Good luck G!

That's fantastic! Thanks so much for taking part Jude! :)