Final Reflections


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During my time in the Laidlaw programme, I've been able to improve upon my analytical thinking, resilience, and communication skills. Analytical thinking was at the core of dissecting complex data and drawing meaningful conclusions, pushing me to refine my approach to problem-solving and evidence-based decision-making. Facing unexpected challenges and setbacks, particularly in the data analysis phase in our research project, bolstered my resilience. Learning to navigate these hurdles with persistence and adaptability was invaluable. Moreover, communicating my findings, both in written reports and presentations, honed my ability to convey complex information in an accessible manner. This not only helped me work on my communication skills, but also helped me in connecting with  diverse audiences.

Looking ahead, I aim to further develop my leadership, teamwork, and ethical reasoning. While I've grown in confidence, I recognize the need to more effectively learn from, be inspired by, and collaborate with those around us for social progress. Enhancing my leadership skills will enable me to better support and drive my future teams towards shared goals. Teamwork has been crucial in this project, and I want to improve my ability to navigate different dynamics and personalities more smoothly, fostering a more inclusive and productive environment. Finally, ethical reasoning is becoming increasingly important in research. I aspire to deepen my understanding of ethical considerations in my field, ensuring that my work not only advances knowledge but does so responsibly.

Leadership, to me, now embodies the principles of integrity, empowerment, and vision. A few years ago, I used to view leadership primarily as the ability to direct and make decisions, and handle a group. However, my experiences in the Laidlaw Programme have broadened my perspective, highlighting the importance of leading with integrity, inspiring trust and respect from those around me. I've learned that true leadership involves using evidence-based approaches to make tangible social impact in a responsible and ethical way. It's about setting a vision that motivates and guides, creating a shared purpose. This evolution in my understanding of leadership has been transformative, reshaping not just how I lead but how I collaborate with others towards common goals.

Throughout this programme, my leadership development has been a transformative, and deeply enriching experience, shaped by challenges, feedback, and self-reflection. I've become more self-aware, recognizing my strengths and areas for growth. Challenges were hard, but they also pushed me out of my comfort zone, teaching me the value of resilience and adaptability. Feedback from peers and mentors was instrumental in refining my communication skills. This journey of self-reflection and active learning has given me a change to reflect on my leadership capabilities, and has also instilled a continuous drive for personal and professional growth.

The Laidlaw Scholars Programme has equipped me with a solid foundation of skills, insights, and a network that I'm confident will be invaluable in my future endeavors. Furthermore, the emphasis on ethical leadership and social responsibility has instilled a sense of duty to apply my knowledge and skills towards making a positive impact in the world. Whether in academia, industry, or community initiatives, the lessons learned and the incredible friends, connections, and opportunities I got through this programme will undoubtedly stay with me, and I shall definitely be approaching my future endeavors with purpose, empathy, and a commitment to making a difference.

I am extremely thankful for this wonderful opportunity, and would like to thank the LSE Laidlaw Team, the Laidlaw Foundation, and my amazing Laidlaw cohort for a great two years :)

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