EQUALL 2023: Beyond Barriers

From forward-thinking speakers to engaging panel discussions, the 23rd annual EQUALL Conference was nothing short of a powerful celebration of women and our contributions to business and beyond!
EQUALL 2023: Beyond Barriers

In the words of Angela Cretu, "titles come as a consequence of your value, not the other way round." 

Many thanks for a warm welcome and a truly inspirational day in the London Business School! It was such an exciting opportunity for us Laidlaw ladies and we hope to be back again soon :) @Susanna Kempe @Nikol Chen  @Pimpernel Preston

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about 1 month ago

Thanks for sharing Katelyn, it was lovely seeing you and your fellow scholars from TCD!

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about 1 month ago

Lovely to meet you Katelyn and delighted you were able to join us!