Central Leadership-in-Action Projects 2023

A showcase of the centrally-offered Leadership-in-Action projects for summer 2023.
Central Leadership-in-Action Projects 2023

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Dear Scholars, 

Below is a list of projects offered jointly, across all universities for your 2023 Leadership-in-Action experience. You can learn more about this component of your Laidlaw Scholars experience and the related expectations by viewing this slide deck.

Each project has a specific application process. Click Find Out More under the project you are interested in to view the separate room all about the project where you can find out further particulars and a link to the application form for that partner organisation. Please note, you may only apply for ONE PROJECT at a time (and if successful, there is an expectation that you will take up your place on that project). If your application is unsuccessful, you will be informed and can then apply for a project with one of the other three partner organisations.

Rating Scale:

To support you in finding the most suitable Leadership in Action experience for you, we have provided a rating on a scale of 1 (easy) - 5 (challenging) for the following criteria:

  • Social & Political Situation
  • Challenging Physical Environment
  • Complexity: including cultural complexity, level of project structure, and untested, breakthrough initiatives
  • Group or individual based
  • Level of individual initiative required



The Kasiisi Project

Think Pacific 

The Timothy Smith Network

makesense logo


 ❗️Join a discovery session to learn more about all make_sense!❗

Thursday, 19 January, 2:00pm GMT/ 9:00am EST  (Join using zoom link here)

Meeting ID: 875 9983 3510

The make_sense projects will boost your leadership through Design Thinking methodology, which you will also be able to apply in your future professional life. Scholars will be joining a global community of more than 100,000 young people generating impact.

Project 1: Climate Change and Its Social Impact

Summary: With more than 20 million people living in Mexico City, the negative impact of climate change can be seen not only on water and energy security or air quality. The basic social fabric of this city is constantly changing due to climate change. Join the Mexico experience to tackle climate change through a social development perspective.

Based in: Mexico 

Project dates: 10th July 2023 to 18th August 2023

Project 2: Indigenous Communities and Empowerment of Minority Groups

Summary: With more than 71 indigenous ethnicities, Peru is a country that has learned the importance of building innovative approaches to engage, collaborate and include its native communities in all sectors. Join the Peru experience to build creative ways through which minority communities can be given better opportunities to prosper and preserve their cultures.

Based in: Peru 

Project dates: 10th July 2023 to 18th August 2023

Project 3: Peace and Social Resilience

Summary: Being named the most innovative city in the world in 2013, Medellin offers a great opportunity to explore new ways in which a society rebuild its values, integrate previously rejected communities and see culture as a path to bring peace. Join the Medellin experience to work alongside initiatives that gave this innovative city its reputation as one of the most socially innovative cities in the world.

Based in: Colombia

Project dates: 10th July 2023 to 18th August 2023

Find Out More About the make_sense Projects in the make_sense LiA Room 👉

Kasiisi project logo

The Kasiisi Project   

Project 1: Village Health Team Training

Summary: For Scholars, the goal of this leadership in action health team is multifaceted. First, the scholars will support our existing health programs by working with our team to do health education in our 16 partner primary schools. In particular, the scholars will work with the students who are training to be peer educators and design and implement leadership training modules. Second, the scholars will travel with our mobile clinic when it runs to assist in patient intake. Finally, the scholars will continue the past work of Laidlaw students who worked on a VHT training handbook during the summer of 2022. During the 2023 cycle, we will distribute these handbooks to VHTs and continue their training.

Based in: Uganda  

Project 2: Conservation Education

Summary: For Scholars, the goal of this Leadership in Action conservation team will be to support the existing conservation education activities in our schools with a focus on bees and pollinators. Scholars will develop conservation education modules on bees and implement these activities in 16 different primary schools. In addition, the scholars will assist our elephant and bee conservation efforts by monitoring beehives that have been placed along the forest edge and are used as elephant deterrents. We have an ongoing project examining the health of these hives and the value and perception of these hives to people living on the edge of the forest. Scholars will assist us in collecting and analyzing data from these hives and present their findings at the end of the summer to our team and stakeholders. Finally, this team will build connections with local beekeepers in the area and work with them to understand how to improve beehive health at our project farm. 

Based in: Uganda


Project 3: Cultural Heritage

Summary: The area in Uganda where the Kasiisi Project operates is home to the Batooro people who have a rich cultural heritage including the use of Empaakos or ‘pet names’ which have been recognized by UNESCO on their list of Intangible Cultural Heritage Practices. Working closely with our project staff, this leadership in action culture team will explore the culture of the region. First, scholars will meet with different cultural leaders, interview parents and teachers and finally create a song and storybook compilation. Ideally, these books can be distributed to our partner schools and libraries. Second, scholars will create and maintain a website to catalogue and document these pieces. Finally, scholars will work with primary school students to teach them writing skills by having the children write and illustrate their own stories. Scholars will create weekly modules so that students can learn how to create characters, and think about settings and plot and by the end of the summer should have their own storybooks that they can take home with them. Although not necessary, some musical training would be preferred.

Based in: Uganda

Find Out More About the Kasiisi Projects in The Kasiisi Project LiA Room 👉


Think Pacific logo

Think Pacific

 ❗️Join a discovery session to learn more about all Think Pacific!❗

Thursday, 15 December, 5:00pm GMT/ 12:00pm EST  (Register for the session here)

Project 1: Community and Youth Volunteer Project

Summary: The Think Pacific Community Volunteering Project is a 6-week culturally immersive programme.  Based within a rural village in Fiji’s interior or outlying islands, Laidlaw Scholars will participate in a multifaceted programme designed in partnership with relevant Fijian Ministries to achieve local development aims under the Fiji National Development Plan, and Village Action Plans. The programme includes the construction of a community centre building or community health worker clinic and participating in advocacy activities and youth workshops across a range of sectors, including public health, mental health, youth development, sports development, and community resilience, whilst ensuring students consider real-world implementation and expand their communication, teamwork and leadership skills.

Based in: Fiji


Project 2: Health Promotion Project

Summary: The Think Pacific Health Promotion Project allows scholars to work with underfunded and under-resourced local charities as they deliver community outreach projects, with the aim of improving access to public health and mental health advice in remote areas. Working on a high-impact project, scholars will collaborate with local charity staff and Pacific volunteers and help to expand the work of local NGOs in remote settings. This project is ideal for scholars with an interest in health and education who would relish the chance to join a dynamic team, passionate about improving the health and well-being of disadvantaged communities. Scholars will need to step out of their comfort zone, embrace a unique culture and support a locally-led and culturally sensitive model of health development.

Based in: Fiji

Find Out More About Think Pacific in the Think Pacific LiA Room 👉

Timothy Smith Network logo

Timothy Smith Network 

Project 1: Elevating Agricultural Technology

Summary: Elevating Agriculture Technology utilizes a program strategy to combine social challenges in tech education and food management to deal with some of the essential needs within underrepresented communities. The Timothy Smith Network wants students to innovate smart technologies specific to urban agriculture gardening in tandem with growing their own gardens. This dual approach to learning distinguishes EAT from other urban agriculture communities and local gardening activities and programs. Students will focus on product design and development to elevate and create personal gardening technologies that incorporate lighting, water, and/or pest control.

Based in: Greater Boston area, US

Restrictions: preference is given to non-US-based Scholars

Project 2: Digital Design Intensive

Summary: TSN will be conducting another iteration of its Digital Design Intensive project-based program to prepare students participating for a digital and visual communications career for technology educational pathways. Participating students will be exposed to digital and product design creation platforms during this three-module program including creating a personal brand and program portfolio website while learning social media graphic design, 3D modelling, and digital sketching. Students will be taught to utilize small business-approved open-source platforms such as Wix, Canva, TinkerCAD, Paint 3D, and Google Sites.

Based in: Greater Boston area, US

Restrictions: preference is given to non-US-based Scholars

Project 3: Administrative & Programme Development Support

Summary: TSN is looking for an administrative and program development support intern who will work with the Managing Director to conduct a STEAM program gap analysis and curriculum outline. The gap analysis will focus on evaluating the local STEAM education ecosystem including creating a directory of organization, facilitating a meeting with TSN Executive Director and Managing Director and key community partners, and suggesting and creating new Boston Design Academy programs to fill and address skills gaps.

This position is ideal for candidates interested in working in community-based non-profits with community leaders, students, and families. Also, the selected scholar will be working alongside executive management in a hybrid capacity including attending executive, board, and staff meetings to understand the infrastructure of the organization.

Based in: Greater Boston area, US

Restrictions: preference is given to non-US-based Scholars

Find Out More About The Timothy Smith Network Projects in The Timothy Smith Network LiA Room 👉

If you have any questions, please get in touch with your University's Laidlaw team.

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