Article: Creativity and the Role of the Leader

In a world which is becoming more and more corporate, the Harvard Business Review took a moment in 2008 to outline both the pros and cons of creativity and leadership working together.
Article: Creativity and the Role of the Leader

The link to the article can be found here.

For an article which is now 12 years old, it is remarkable how applicable the article is today. It is still joked that many arts and humanities students will struggle to find employment/ fully utilise their creative side after graduation, with creativity being one of the hardest things to manage in a world of employment that can be very by-the-books. True, roles in marketing and creativity have become more prevalent since 2008, but I am interested to hear what you guys think about creativity, leadership, and how to harness this creativity in a managerial role (especially in the context of this article).

Post any thoughts about what you read below! It is a lengthy read but hopefully, some insightful discussion will come of it :)

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