Ambiguity creates opportunity. So be bold, take risks, and go after it.

Lee Newman
Ambiguity creates opportunity. So be bold, take risks, and go after it.

Following the recent announcement of our Women in Business Scholarship partnership with IE Business School, we draw this week's leadership quote from Lee Newman, Dean of IE Business School, who challenges us with the thought-provoking assertion:  

Lee Newman: "Ambiguity creates opportunity. So be bold, take risks, and go after it."

Newman's perspective is a clarion call to leaders and aspiring changemakers, emphasising the transformative power of navigating uncertainty with confidence and courage.

Newman's Leadership Path

Lee Newman's career is a testament to the power of interdisciplinary learning and innovation in leadership. With a foundation in Engineering from Brown University and advanced degrees from MIT—including an MBA and a Masters in Technology and Policy—Newman exemplifies the blend of technical acuity and strategic vision essential for modern leadership.

His interdisciplinary PhD from the University of Michigan spans psychology and computer science, highlighting his commitment to understanding the complex interplay between human behavior and technological advancement. Before entering academia, Newman's industry experience included a pivotal role as an engagement manager with McKinsey and entrepreneurship that led to the founding and successful exit of two tech startups.

Since joining IE in 2009 and subsequently founding the IE School of Human Sciences and Technology in 2010, Newman has spearheaded the launch and leadership of a comprehensive portfolio of degrees. As Dean of IE Business School, he continues to drive excellence and innovation in business education.

Embracing Uncertainty with Confidence

Our partnership with IE Business School embodies our shared commitment to empowering women leaders. In a world where women often navigate complex landscapes of ambiguity in their pursuit of leadership roles, Newman's words serve as both inspiration and challenge: to boldly seize opportunities for growth and impact.

Together, let's celebrate the opportunities that ambiguity presents and the potential for leadership that lies within each of us.

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