Laidlaw Scholars Alumni Society Survey

Dear Undergraduate Scholars, we are inviting you to participate in the Laidlaw Scholars Alumni Society Survey. We would love to get your input as future alumni. To make it even more exciting, you get a chance to win a £50 Amazon voucher if you complete the survey by 24th April 2020!

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Lusya Manukyan

Plant Biologist, Deep Planet

Hello, it's very nice to have you on my profile! I'm Lucy, a Laidlaw Alumna from the University of Oxford. I had the pleasure to join the Laidlaw Scholars network upon the completion of my research project into increasing crop yield through biotechnology and genetic modification. I am passionate about using the innovative potential of science and technology to address some of the greatest issues that the humanity is facing such as food security and climate change. I look forward to connecting with fellow Laidlaw Scholars who believe that it's time to take action and bridge the science-society gap!