Soapbox Poetry Research Poster

A wee poster summarising some of the research I've carried out into political performance poetry in Edinburgh.

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Finlay Langham (she/her)

Student, University of St Andrews

I'm a third-year student at St Andrews studying English! My research is into spoken word poetry and its connection to politics, particularly in Edinburgh (it's a bit niche but I love it). I am also part of the feminist society and a public face of Nightline. I love to meet new people and bake what is objectively too much shortbread at odd hours.


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Anna Harris (she/her) about 1 month ago

This is so cool!

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Catherine Brislane 14 days ago

Love this! Spoken word and slam are extremely important in venting political gripes- do you sometimes get the sense that mainstream rappers who get more spotlight on a political issue pushes other social issues further back in the political agenda?