Phenolic Compounds In Potato Skin: Source of Variation and Prebiotic Property

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The research was conducted in the summer of 2020 under the supervision of Professor Nagendra Prasad Shah from the School of Biological Sciences, the University of Hong Kong.

This paper is posted in gratitude to Professor Shah and his team, Lord Laidlaw of Rothiemay and the Laidlaw Foundation, as well as the Horizons Office, the University of Hong Kong.

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Lam Lok To Cherry

Student, The University of Hong Kong

Hi there! I am studying the Bachelor of Science in both Molecular Biology & Biotechnology and Food & Nutritional Science. Besides, I am equally eager to explore Plant Science. Doing and learning from research are of interest to me for better understanding of the world and unprecedented benefits to humanity of all kinds. Feel free to exchange knowledge and ideas with me!