Research Poster - 'Does Gay Pay: How does the Walt Disney Company manage the risk and reward of increasing LGBTQ representation?'

My research poster summarises my whole project, around how the Walt Disney Company approaches LGBTQ representation across their business. It is an accessible and informative read, I hope you enjoy!

There were three definite highlights when undertaking my research project this summer, all of which are summarised in my above poster. 

The first highlight was the experience of interviewing three Film & TV industry professionals about LGBTQ representation in media today. Thanks to Rich Ferraro (GLAAD Chief Communications Officer), Ollie Wiggins (BBC Studios Lead Creative, Disney Channel Creative), and Tom Duthie (Marvel and Lucasfilm Script Editor). Their thoughts gave my project a real-world grounding in the modern business landscape. Our discussion was hugely inspirational, and they have made this project so much more meaningful. 

 The second highlight was reading the intriguing responses to my survey regarding LGBTQ representation in Film & TV. These surveys demonstrate an overwhelming audience support for increasing LGBTQ representation across the media. It is clear that LGBTQ representation resonates with audiences for a variety of reasons. I hope that my project interests this same demographic and is also accessible to new readers.

The third highlight was pursuing my interest in the business of Film & TV and the evolution of LGBTQ representation throughout this project. It was especially interesting learning so much about the Walt Disney Company, a business I have always admired and strive to work for one day. So, thank you to my project supervisor Nick Jones and to the Laidlaw foundation, for allowing my interests to be presented in this form.


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