Laidlaw Final Research Report

Further details and discussion about the competing identities of the Catalonian and Madrileño culture.

The central objective of our research project is to observe the competing regional and national symbols in public spaces/spatial environment and account for regional differences. We evaluated the role of national and regional leadership as a factor to explain this difference. Our case study was in the Spanish major cities of Barcelona and Madrid. These two cities were successful to evaluate our research question because Catalonia is in the midst of independence protests while Madrid is the Spanish capital therefore it will be interesting to investigate different perceptions of leadership, nationalism, and regionalism within a nation. 

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Go to the profile of Princess Agina
29 days ago

Jasmine, your exploration of Catalonia's struggle and identity is truly compelling. It's fascinating how history, language, and sports intersect to define a region's character. Great job capturing this complex narrative with such clarity!

Go to the profile of Jasmine Marsland
27 days ago

Thank you! We were very lucky to be able to explore this topic with the Laidlaw Foundation!