[essay] Queer Catullus, Catullan Queers - the power of trans narratives in postmodern Classics

Although this summer 1 project initially set out to explore drag elements in Catullus' poetry, I ended up searching for what makes Catullus such a rich source for queer approaches to a postmodern, inclusive vision of the discipline of Classics. Please feel free to reach out with any questions!

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Toni Andres

student, University of St Andrews

Pronouns: they/them

I am currently in my second year of an undergraduate degree in Classics/Comparative Literature at the University of St Andrews. In my research project Queer Catullus - The Power of Gender Impersonation in Creative Arts, I am particularly interested in how Gender and Feminist Studies can be applied to Classical Studies and transformed into accessible and valuable material for community projects with LGBTQ+ teenagers. Following my previous involvement with a project that looked at the impact that climate change had in the Late Bronze Age, I aim to give my studies an interdisciplinary spin. 

If these topics are something you are interested in, I am happy to connect via Social Media to geek out and chat!